The ICC International Trade & Prosperity Week will take place as a virtual series of 10 webinars (2 per day) from 19th – 23rd October 2020.
“Global value chains help drive social and economic development by generating local jobs and investment and promoting knowledge-sharing and capability-building across economies. For this reason, we are proud of our local footprint in many parts of the world.”

Wilson Del Socorro, Global Director of Government Affairs at Diageo, sheds a light on alcoholic beverages supply chains for ICC United Kingdom’s Global Value Chains (GVCs) Series

Each day has its own sub-category as follows:

DAY 1 – Economics of GVC’s                                       

DAY 2 – Sustainable Development in Practice                      

DAY 3 – Technology as the Transformer                                

DAY 4 – Business Pillars to Drive Success

DAY 5 – Business Ethics

Corporate led through a specially selected steering group managed by ICC, it is the largest ICC event of the year hosted by ICC United Kingdom with over 300 people due to attend and is aimed at an international audience.

The corporate steering group consists of the following representatives:

  • ICC (Chair)
  • AIG
  • Anglo American
  • BT
  • Centrica
  • Diageo
  • Digital Trade Network
  • GSK
  • Huawei


Global value chains play a key role in the global economy, creating jobs, sharing prosperity, fostering innovation and attracting investment but are being increasingly challenged by the rise in protectionism, climate change and digitisation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on global trade, revealing the fragility of highly complex global value chains, making this week-long event more important than ever. It has put a spotlight on and accelerated the need to act on policy issues such as digitisation as a way to create greater societal equality and sustainability.

Topics included in the one day conference include:

  • Challenges and opportunities facing global value chains
  • View from the boardroom – how global value chains can be a solution to delivering the UN 2030 agenda
  • Impact of disruptive business models
  • The economics of global value chains – role of SMEs
  • Sustainable development – delivering the 2050 net zero emissions target and climate & green finance
  • Technology as the transformer – digital trade as an enabler to inclusive growth and implications of new WTO digital trade rules on global value chains
  • Business pillars to drive success – impact of global change on tax strategy and trade facilitation
  • Importance of multi-stakeholder engagement, transparency and inclusive trade governance
  • Re-building trust in business – business ethics, compliance and responsible business conduct

who should attend?

We want an interactive event with an international audience that truly represents the various stakeholders that are involved in global value chains to help promote awareness, dialogue, trust, and inclusion. The event will be relevant for the following people:

  • Global Tier 1/2 corporates
  • Tier 2/3 supply chain companies
  • Governments – G20, G7
  • International institutions –WTO, OECD, G20, WB, UN, Commonwealth
  • NGOs –Trade Justice Movement
  • Consumer groups – Consumers International
  • Unions –UNITE, International Trade Union Confederation

The promotion of the week-long event and subsequent thought leadership developed in conjunction with the event will be far-reaching. It will be marketed to the ICC network as well as through our various media, marketing and supporters.

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